Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rot in Hell, Bin Laden!

Elu Suurbritannias...

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If those protesters hate the West so much, why don't they leave? They can then live their lives according to their values. I have no problem what so ever with any race or religion but I don't understand why they don't move to the Middle East if they have such a problem with Western culture and society. However both sets of protesters are equally pathetic...the English Defence League are violent, racist thugs who also should be shipped off, preferably to an uninhabited island.
Why do we allow this radical scum to stay in this country, they are the enemy within and should be forcibly rounded up and deported to an islamic state, where I am sure they would be very happy, they obviously do not like it here in the west, and most of us do not like them being here. Its time our politicians grew some, and took control, and to hell with what the PC brigade thinks!!!
- Sweeny, UK, 06/5/2011 18:44 
Tööle minnes lähen mina mööda ühest moskist ja meie linnaosa on üleüldse moslemeid täis. Ma ütleks küll, et üldiselt ma neid ei salli. Nende uskumised ja arvamused ei lähe minu omadega sugugi kokku. Samas mul on õned moslemist sõbrad, kes on VÄGA normaalsed ja kellega ma saan väga hästi läbi. Siiski enamuste ekstreemsus tekitab iiveldust ja vastumeelsust küll. Oleks mina peaminister või kuninganna, siis ma saadaks ekstremistid kiiremas korras järgmise paadiga (lennukisse ma neid küll ei paneks) siit minema.

Elades, teades, et kui homme tuleb uudis, et lähedalolevas lennujaamas või kesklinnas oli enesetaputerroristi plahvatus ja mitmed surid ja ma ei oleks sugugi üllatunud, on natukene hirmus.

PS! Minu ämm töötas New Yorkis kaksiktornide läheduses, kuid õnneks 11septembril 2001 jäi ta metroo hiljaks...


  1. Ma siin rääkisin enda mehega sellel teemal ja näitasin sinu postitust ka ja ta kirjutas sulle ise kommentaari kuna ta teab sellest asjast rohkem kui mina.

    "Who make laden ? America and British to kill people. Muslim and Indians are owner more than 50 percentage business in UK and USA. They killed laden in front their little 12 years old daughter and wife.
    laden was surrender but still they killed and throw his body in sea...
    I hope you understand...why UK/USA killed Saddam ? what about Egypt ?What about Lebanon ? It is all about politics for oil..and control whole world. If Muslims are citizen of UK, owner of Business...then why they should leave their country ? they not accepting the policy...If you want to know will find the truth!!!!! "

    This Ullah...Husband of Kris

  2. I may have been a little too harsh. I just want to clear that I am very much against extremist Muslims here. It has been in the news that in many areas Muslims are on purpose tryin to outbreed Christian British people. Furthermore there are several Islamic Culture Centers where kids are being thought how to chop off hands and that all Jews look like monkies. This was even secretly video recorded by journalists and it is happening right here! This is just wrong!

    When in Rome, do like Romans do. When I'd visit Muslim country I would honor their beliefs and will not walk around in short mini skirt, etc. But these people come to live here and don't even want to blend in!

    These people protesting here are not honest business owners. It has been brought to media attention that many head figures of these extremist groups are here to claim asylum and they are on benefits, not working at all. So honest British people work hard and pay taxes so people like that could live here comfortable life without giving anything back. I just don't think it is fair.

    I absolutely love some aspects of Muslim culture, especially how family oriented it is, don't get me wrong. All this subject may seem different when not living here. I still think myself as very open minded and tolerant person, but I do have my limits here.

    It may also sound harsh, but I dont feel sorry that Bin Laden was killed in front of his daughter. Thousands of people have lost their loved ones tragically because of him and his followers.

  3. I totally agree with you. it is not about Muslim, Cristian or Jews or any religion... It is about we.I am also Muslim, read the same Qur' religion book...believe me they just using religion against people...If you read about will find out, he was made by America...they create them..they use them...finally...finished...It is all about politics...we all just victim....

    Any way...nice meet with you...i am happy to see your feelings for people around you...It is also rare now.

    me and Kris wish all the best for you and your family..Take care


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